Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781920468347
October 2010
Silver Publishing
321 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Upon the death of her mother, seventeen-year-old Mary-Michael Murray is delivered to her aunt, Margaret Callaghan, in America. An inquisitive young woman, Mary-Michael is excited to learn her aunt will be moving them all to New Orleans where the weather is warmer and life can be better.

Caleb Jordan went on a search for his father at the age of thirteen after his mother died. Not only did he find his father, Caleb learned things about his mother that he would never have learned otherwise. Through this journey, Caleb also found his love for the sea.

With the help of a New Orleans attorney, Henry Tomison, Margaret introduces Mary-Michael to New Orleans society. Unfortunately, the one man they do not want Mary-Michael associated with is the one man she cannot stop dreaming about…Caleb Jordan. Caleb is known as a pirate and rogue throughout the city, but that does not keep Mary-Michael from desiring him. After several proposals, one is accepted on Mary’s behalf. Marriage to a man who is not Caleb is appalling to Mary and she makes her own plans while putting forth the face of an engaged woman for her aunt and society. Plans that will lead her to the life she wants for herself.

From the first time Caleb appeared on the page, I was head over heels for him. His first kiss with Mary had my breath catching in my throat. And Mary…ah, sweet Mary. Her intelligence and independence were only a few of things I admired about her. Ms. McGaha certainly caught my attention from the very first page and had me flipping the pages with bated breath until I turned the final page. Such intense emotion and lovely characters kept me wanting more. I am adding this book to my permanent bookshelf.

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