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ISBN: Unavailable
October 2011
New Concepts Publishing
48 Pages
Erotic Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Susannah Hatfield left her old hometown after she found her fiancé keeping busy with the beautiful widow down the street. Living with her Uncle Charles in the west has given her a new freedom she seldom saw when living with her parents.

Chayton McCorrigan was spending a few weeks up in the mountains, celebrating his half-Indian side when Susannah interrupted his reprieve. Not one to let an opportunity pass, he began to seduce the innocent girl until he got her just where he wanted her.

When Susannah returned to her Uncle Charles’ house, she knows her life has been changed forever. Her body and soul now knows what it is like to be touched by a man’s hands. Since she thought Chayton was some wild mountain man who could be half-beast, she never expected to see him at a social gathering. What will she do when he makes an appearance and stakes his claim in front of everyone?

Deeper and Deeper is a good book. I like how Susannah starts out describing her fiancé’s affair in this prim way, but then when she gets to the cave where Chayton is, we see a side of her that is most definitely NOT prim. The passionate encounters between Susannah and Chayton were erotically charged. I must say I did have a hard time with Chayton at times when he demanded things instead of ask. Overall, Ciarra Sims knows how to write a story that will keep you reading until the end.

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