Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-1-60168-413-4
May 2011
Aspen Mountain Press
112 Pages
Contemporary Gay Erotic Romance, Mystery
Rating: 4 Cups

As much as he loves Vic, there are parts of himself that Tomas Suullinen does not share with his lover. The money he earns through dancing and hustling pays the bills, but what really turns him on is being used and shamed like a lowlife hooker.

This latest case is really wearing on Detective Vic Nimikos, and it is starting to affect his relationship. A killer is targeting hustlers, and it scares Vic to death that his lover is risking his life every time he steps out of the club.

The uneasy feeling that something is slipping out of control is being felt by both Tomas and Vic, but neither man knows how to stop it. Tomas is drawn to the down and dirty sex he gets from one of his regulars, and when things with Vic get tougher, he uses sex to escape. Vic has never been happy about Tomas’s job or his hustling, but until this killer came on the scene, it never worried him enough to press the issue. Neither man knows what to say to save their rapidly deteriorating relationship, but with a killer closing in, they may never have the chance to figure it out.

If you cannot be open and honest with the one you love most, where does that leave you? It is painful to see Tomas close off the part of himself that he is so ashamed of, and even more so to see him share it with another man. He is a man whose actions you will detest, but whose heart makes you ache for him. The rough and gritty sexual scenes are powerful as well as painful, but the emotion that pours from these two men is worth every word.

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