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ISBN/ ASIN: 9781419682100/ 9781935597544/ BOO45EOLD4
2008/ Reprint-May 2011
Self-Published/ AmazonEncore
Print/ Kindle Edition
$14.99/ Reprint-$13.95/ $2.99
236 Pages
Chick Lit
Rating: 3 Cup

Emma Bailey has had a rough time with her life for the past six months, although having her best friend Brian helps out tremendously. When she sees the man who broke her heart at her sister’s wedding, and after getting tired of all the nagging from her family, Emma decides she has had enough and states that she will remain unmarried forever.

Brian knows that it has taken Emma a lot to stand up to her very domineering mother. But her problems take a back seat as his dating life takes off.

Emma wants nothing more than to crawl home and hide under the covers as her world continues to spin out of control. Her ex-boyfriend is telling her he has changed and wants a second chance; her best friend is dating a woman who seems perfect and who also sees Emma as a rival; and her mother refuses to listen to her declaration of spinsterhood. Just as Emma feels her life cannot get any further out of control than it already has, she realizes that the man she has seen as her best friend is the man she has fallen completely in love with. How is she supposed to continue to be around the man she loves when all he sees her as is a friend?

Declaring Spinsterhood has some very humorous and engaging qualities about it, as well as some less than stellar characteristics. I like the overall storyline and how well Brian seems to know Emma’s routine when it comes to having “a Cary Grant day”. I found Emma’s mother to be overbearing, a bully, and a person I would not allow in my life if she continued to be so spiteful and hateful about my decisions. Emma’s Uncle Richard was even worse with his snide comments and I found myself wanting to throw my book across the room at times when the man opened his trap. The novel has the saving grace of being funny and entertaining and having a plot that I found to be realistic enough to allow me to enjoy the tale when her mother and uncle were not in the scenes. This book was originally a self-published novel in 2008 but has been re-edited and published through the current publisher.

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