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ISBN# (10)1480100722/(13)9781480100725
25 September 2012
Still Moments Publishing
191 Pages
Romance Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

When Rhonda wakes up one morning, she knows something is not right even before she looks in the mirror. Everything in her new life is unfamiliar. Not knowing whom to trust, she wants to trust Jennifer’s husband, Anson. As they spend time together, she is drawn to him. No matter what happens, she wants to be with the sweet man who has been through so much.

Anson has already lost one wife and almost lost the second. Even though his wife, Jennifer, has kept him at arm’s length, he still cares for her. After she gets a heart transplant, things become more strained between them until one day she starts acting like a different person. His frustrations keep building as someone keeps trying to kill her, and she has no memories to help solve the mystery. One good thing, though–this Jennifer is more approachable and seems to return his affection.

From the moment she wakes up, mysteries have been stacking up one on top of another. Even though she is in the body and life of Jennifer Cristobal, she has the memories of Rhonda. Everywhere she turns, she has enemies. The more she digs for answers, the more confusing and dangerous her life becomes. All she knows is that Jennifer’s husband, Anson Cristobal, is the only one man she can trust, and that there is a connection between Rhonda and Jennifer, which she needs to figure out quickly, before one of her enemies catches up to her and puts an end to her permanently.

What a unique story line. I love how the secrets unfold and are effortlessly stitched together to paint a suspenseful mystery. Rhonda is a flawed woman as is Jennifer, but the combined personality that emerges is very likable and sincere. I like Anson and feel bad for the man. Many mysteries I have read give up clues too easily, but not Deceptions of the Heart. I have been left guessing until the very end. Wonderfully done Ms. Moncrief.

HC Harju
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More




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