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ISBN#: 9781611161472/9781611161465
December 30, 2011
First Harbour Light Edition
Hard Cover/E Book
263 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

A phone call from a four-year-old asks for Aunt Patti. Patti Jakowski had no idea she might have a niece, but this seemingly misdirected call is coming from her niece, Sabrina, in Florida. As she talks with the child, her anxiety grows. Her identical twin, Jamie, must have run from trouble, leaving her child in the care of a nanny. Patti contacts the police in Florida. The identical twins had not been close since Jamie’s spirited misdemeanors took over her personality in high school. Regardless, Patti knows she must find out what happened to her sister.

Sgt. Carter Caldwell, a widower whose wife was killed during a crime for which he blames himself, offers to handle the case. Patti flies to Palm Beach. Caldwell is a nice looking man, very capable, and they become attracted to each other. It does not take Carter long to believe that Jamie is in trouble. Jamie has been living in a palatial, gated community home with a nanny to care for her daughter. Patti cannot figure out how she can afford this luxury until they find multiple IDs. Jamie’s disappearance could be explained by her job, which turns out to be related to a FBI sting operation, although Jamie is not an agent.

Despite Carter’s protective attitude, Patti is determined to be part of the search for her sister. She has her hair styled like her twin and uses her sister’s clothes to fool people. She flies to California and places herself in another of Jamie’s homes to gather information she feels Carter cannot get any other way. Jamie fears her sister may already be dead. It is up to Carter and the FBI to find the two of them before it is too late.

This suspenseful, inspirational, well-written romantic fiction is an excellent example of its genre. The key players: police, FBI agent, Patti, Jamie and Carter are people of faith, but it is integrated in such a way that it reads realistically. The pace is professional, and the characters are well drawn—a fun read.

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