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ISBN#: 9781439195918
August 2012
Pocket Books
$7.99 US /$9.99 CAN
356 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

The only chance Sophia Darnly has of staying alive is to retrieve her father’s ledger and somehow get it to the King. For years she kept record of her father’s dealings, hoping that one day she will be able to stop the men who pray like vultures on the unfortunate.

Burn scars crisscrossing Kieran’s body serve as a daily reminder of why his plan for revenge must succeed. The man he is after must be stopped, and Kier will make it happen one way or another.

Seeing Kier again after so many years is almost more than Sophia can take with everything else going wrong right now. She will not however stand by while he takes on the very men who have stolen her life. Kier wants Sophia as far away from danger as he can get her, yet the harder he tries to push her away the closer they become. Sophia can barely trust her own heart let alone Kier's, all of that will mean nothing however if they cannot stay one step ahead of a very cunning and dangerous enemy.

The energy that pulses between Sophia and Kier is as palpable as the sweltering heat pressing down on them. Sophia is a force of nature, wickedly smart, beautiful, and with a heart of gold, everything she does is done with passion. I love that Kier repeatedly has to stand back and just admire the radiance that is Sophia. Kris Kennedy does it right when it comes to historical romance with characters that are open, expressive, and truly fun to read.

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