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ISBN: 9781419927089
April 2010
Ellora’s Cave
166 Pages
Paranormal, Vampire
Rating: 4 Cups

Luz Velez is a paralegal for a group of attorneys that work with both human and supernatural beings. While her dream has always been to be a great attorney herself, after failing the Bar exam five times she has pretty much given up hope of ever passing.

Jude Jacobson is a vampire feared by most. He also has another part of him that he tries to keep secret.

Luz has a problem. As a Were, she cannot shift and has been practically banned from her clan. Jude is willing to help her if she will let him take blood from her and give her his in exchange. But what is his ulterior motive, and what is the big secret that has Luz revoking his welcome in her house?

Ms. Anderson has written a wonderful book. Deal with the Devil shows how a vicious attack on Luz as a young teenager has shaped her life up to this point. The way she deals with stressful events is heartbreaking and yet understandable. Jude is a complex character as we see both a monstrous side and a gentle and loving side of him. I will definitely be rereading this novel.

Caution: While there is no rape, this story deals with flashbacks to an attack as well as subsequent emotional battles as a direct result.

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