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  The American Heroes Collection
  Book 1 - Sunset Hearts The American Heroes Collection: Florida
  Book 2 - Dead Moon Rising The American Heroes Collection: South Dakota

The American Heroes Collection: South Dakota
ISBN: 1606019295
June 2010
Siren Publishing
175 Pages
Erotic Romance; Suspense; Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Sarah Aston has had the ability to predict certain episodes in her life since she fractured her skull as a child. When she realizes her long-term boyfriend was cheating on her, she dumped his butt and decided to head for Miami, Florida where her Uncle Eddie lives.

Captain Plato “Del” Delaney has been investigating murders that happen every third new moon. While on a lonely stretch of road, he sees a car broken down and a lone woman inside.

John Riley is Del’s lover and a retired cop himself. He knows how frustrating it has been for Del to have these unresolved murders with no end in sight.

When her car breaks down, Sarah is thankful it is a cop who stops to help her. She goes home that night to stay with him and his lover John. As their relationship and arms are opened to include her, their twosome soon becomes a threesome. But danger lurks right around the corner and the serial killer is now after Sarah and determined to have her.

Dead Moon Rising is a tale full of suspense that leaves you feeling chilled as you read the steps the killer takes to get what he wants. Add all the spicy red-hot sex Del, John, and Sarah have and Ms. Largo has written a winning combination. My only complaint was that I knew from the beginning who the killer was. But leaving that out, this was a great read and I definitely am a fan of this author. I will be looking forward to reading more of her stuff in the future.

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