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Cassandra Farbanks Series:

Book 1 Soul Market
Book 2 Lost Innocents
Book 3 Skin Thief
Book 4: Inhuman Heritage
Book 5: Silent Doll
Book 6: Deadly Sin

A Cassandra Farbanks Novel, Book 6
ISBN# 9781615729357
May 2013
Eternal Press
228 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

When Cassandra Farbank's day goes bad, it goes really bad. Her stalker is back. Only this time, he is upping the ante.

Watching and waiting for as long as he has, Rin is very confident he will get exactly what he wants. The girl knows nothing about whom and what she is, which makes this so much sweeter.

Helping Hamilton with the police's investigation, Cassandra is getting the distinct feeling the murders are somehow connected to her. She also knows Paris Hamilton is searching for information on her, which means he may not be the friend she thinks he is. Despite her relationship hiatus with Aram, she turns to him when it all comes crashing down. Doing so, however, is about to put everyone she cares about in the path of a very determined and crazy stalker who will do anything to get his prize.

Between her work and her private life, Cassandra is surrounded by men who have a hard time taking no for an answer. The bouncing emotions take on an almost manic edge, as she is pushed and pulled from one tragic event to the next. I would really like to see her focus on the matter at hand, rather than flitting around like a moth in a room full of lit bulbs. However, she seem, to be one-step closer to knowing herself, which makes me hopeful that the next installment will be one not to be missed.

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