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ISBN# 13: 978-1-936000-37-1 ISBN: 10: 1-936000-37-7
January 2010
Desert Breeze Publishing
146 pages
Paranormal/Time Travel
Rating 4 Cups

After the death of her boyfriend and the loss of her best friend to a dim and misty past, Rosie Chan is alone. Hearing her friend's call for help in the night, Rosie is determined to find the necklaces that will take her back in time.

Davyn Nabbodderson is not overly surprised when he is landed on, literally, by a girl from the future. After all, his brother married a girl from the future. But he is in a cave running from his home in Denmark until his brother can prove his innocence.
When Rosie disappears from the cave minutes after arriving, only to return to him a year later in Scotland, he takes her to his castle home. But unknown to them, Rosie is not the only one to have travelled to Scotland and not all the others are so friendly. Together, Davyn and Rosie start on a magical trip through time and across the world.

Rosie is very strong willed and coming from a modern time where women are equal to men makes living in such a distant past difficult. Davyn has heard all about the future from his brother and sister-in-law and is determined to see it for himself. Dawn of a Viking Sunrise is the second book in the Mists of Time Viking Series, and Ms Dee has given us a thrilling twist on the standard time travel romance.

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