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ISBN- 13:9780758225764
December 2009
Brava, a division of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$14.00 US/ $16.95 CAN
288 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Lyraka was living in a small artist commune in Texas when Joe Beacon began watching her. He believes her special skills, once they are a little more finely honed, will be an asset to the agency in charge of keeping intergalactic peace. Lyraka is half-earthling and half-Nerakian, a race known for their sexual appetite. That may create a small problem for Lyraka.

Roan Hendrix is eager to return to the field. After an injury keeps him away from performing his duties, the last thing he wants is to train a new recruit and a Nerakian to boot. Joe Beacon tells him the only way he will gain his release to return to duty is to get Lyraka trained and ready for her team. Roan agrees, but she certainly was not what he was expecting.

Lyraka’s mother, Aasera, has left her daughter behind on Earth while she returns to her home planet on Nerak. What Aasera is not aware of is that an old enemy of hers wants to settle a score, and if he cannot get to the mother, he is not afraid to hurt the daughter. Prince Banyon is now the ruler of the Rovert nation and he is hunting Lyraka. He is attempting to build a union with the Adnams so he can declare war on Nerak, the planet his father signed a peace treaty with.

This is certainly one of the better paranormal romances I have reviewed. Planetary wars, action and different species add so much more to a story. Ms. Kelley has such a big tale here with so many threads leading to Lyraka and Roan that it could be quite confusing if it were not written as well as it is. Instead, the author uses those threads to keep the reader on the edge, eagerly anticipating the next event. This is a sexy story with the adventure to make it all work. Dating Outside Your DNA is one book that is well worth taking the time to read.

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