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Dark Series
Book 1: Dark Prince
Book 2: Dark Desire
Book 3: Dark Gold
Book 4: Dark Magic
Book 5: Dark Challenge
Book 6: Dark Fire
Book 7: Dark Dream
Book 8: Dark Dream
Book 9: Dark Legend
Book 10: Dark Symphony
Book 11: Dark Descent
Book 12: Dark Melody
Book 13: Dark Destiny
Book 14: Dark Hunger
Book 15: Dark Secret
Book 16: Dark Demon
Book 17: Dark Celebration
Book 18: Dark Possession
Book 19: Dark Curse
Book 20: Dark Slayer
Book 21: Dark Peril
Book 22: Dark Predator
Book 23: Dark Storm
Book 24: Dark Lycan
Book 25: Dark Wolf
Book 26: Dark Blood

Dark Series, Book 25
ISBN#: 9780425270790
January 2014
Berkley Hardcover
432 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Dimitri is condemned to an unimaginable torture and eventually death. The only thing tying him to this life is his beautiful life-mate, the light to his darkness.

Skyler will do whatever it takes to save her life-mate despite the opinion she is still a child. She will lie to her family and make any sacrifice required to save him. She will be forced to accept those parts of herself she has previously shunned and denied.

Skyler is afraid of a past which has the potential to ruin her mating. Dimitri, as a Carpathian, needs his life-mate, the other half of his soul, to survive. There is a plot to cause war between Lycans and Carpathians with Dimitri as the catalyst. To survive, Skyler will need to move out of the past and embrace all of her heritage and the love of a powerful ancient.

Christine Feehan brings to life a world full of alpha males and the powerful females who stand at their sides. Dark Wolf is an amazing chapter of the Dark Series which is a shining example of why the series has such a strong following. I love the characters. The males are sexy and heroic while the women are strong, beautiful, and willing to fight for their people. The addition of lycans into the series offers another platform of characters and even more reasons for readers to become enthralled with the Dark Series. I absolutely love the writing of Christine Feehan and wait anxiously for the next book in the Dark Series.

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