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ISBN: 978-1-61118-435-8
July 4, 2011
Loose Id
126 Pages
LGBT Futuristic / Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

The days of endless parties and vapid friendships is wearing Lynx Kovalenko down. He wants something different in his life; something meaningful and with purpose.

When he is home with his family, Orian Leonias plays the part of an air headed and frivolous socialite to perfection. No one on Cloud Level would ever believe what he does in Bottom City, and that is exactly how he likes it.

His crazy cousins have finally talked Lynx into taking a trip down into the hell of Bottom City, and what he thinks may be his last moments on Earth turns into the most amazing night of his life. Lynx stumbles upon Orion, and their time together is so exquisitely beautiful that it haunts him for days. Orion leads a double life, and as the hunted renegade Yoru Katana, it is imperative that he is not exposed, but he never counted on Lynx. They share a blistering passion, but with the incredibly evil and warring families they belong to, there is little chance of their relationship ever having a chance.

The story behind the passionate affair of these two young men is tremendously intriguing. I love the concept of an entire city being held hostage by two warring factions, and heirs to the family fortune taking them on. Lynx and Orion are such pretty boys in one instance, and then in the next you watch them do an about face to become rebels in a race to save humanity. This is a fantastically written m/m love story with plenty of action and suspense to keep everything running at top speed.

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