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Book 2 of the Centaur Chronicles
ISBN #: 978160394
June 2009
New Concepts Publishing
130 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Emma has stumbled into a world she had no idea existed. Captured by the Hoonan king who has decided he wants her for his bride, Emma has only thought, ESCAPE!

Aydin wants nothing more than to rescue his younger brother and get the heck out of dodge so to speak. Unfortunately, Colwin has other other ideas, namely to capture the woman the Hoonan king plans to marry.

Imagine Aydin and Colwin's surprise when they come upon Emma getting ready to escape out of the castle's window via a rope of bedding! When it becomes clear that the Hoonan's are hot on their trail, the two centaur shifters follow Emma out the window. They capture her thinking to use her to help them get away. Neither shifter thought beyond this, but Emma's courage and caring quickly get to the two brothers, and it is not long before both are having their wicked way with her. Can they convince Emma to stay in their world with them?

This is my first book about centaurs and I have to admit I was very curious to see what the author would come up with. I have to say to say I was more than pleasantly surprised! The world building is fantastic, the idea of this parallel world believable, and the centaur sex? That had me fanning myself on more than occasion, not to mention the fact that I am sure my eyes got pretty big at more than a few places in this book. And the ending? Well that made the story one of my favorites. I am hoping this author does more books in this series, because I would love to go back to this world! If like me you have never read a centaur romance, then I highly recommend this one to be your first, it is well worth the read!

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