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Book 1: Grave Keeper Series
ISBN#: 0-7443-1734-7
August 2009
43 Pages
Paranormal Suspense
Rating: 2 Cups

Rush Bizner is an Iraqi war veteran who tends to the graveyard on the outskirts of town. At times he experiences the often excruciating phantom pain of someone in mortal danger. He has seen plenty of pain and suffering in his life and he wants to help those he can.

Brody Rhodes is another Iraqi veteran who now works as an emergency medical technician. After returning home from the war, he finds it difficult to get excited about anything but he lives for the successes of his job and deals with the failures.

In the outskirts of Hayton, North Carolina, somewhere in the mountains, a young woman is running for her life from the psycho boyfriend set on killing her. In her attempt to get away from him, she has taken quite a fall and if she is not found soon, she is going to die. Her loyal dog and a rescue party of two ex-military men and a diner waitress are the only obstacles to the Death Shadows stalking her until they can steal her very last breath.

Margaret Marr pens a quick tale with a fantastic paranormal concept. Unfortunately, for me, the novella ends too abruptly. I just could not connect with any of the main characters, however I felt each one had the potential to be fabulous personalities. I felt almost as if there needs to be another chapter or more to come to a proper conclusion. There are three planned books in this series. As a stand alone, this short story is a disappointment. I think it would be best to read the entire series at once.

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