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A Dark Angels Novels Series
Book 1: Darkness Unbound
Book 2: Darkness Rising

The Dark Angel Series, Book 1
ISBN#: (13)9780440245728/(10)0440245729
September 2011
Random House Publishing Group
400 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Risa Jones is half Aedh and half werewolf, and sometimes clairvoyant. As a daughter of a prominent psychic, it has its benefits, then again, some downfalls. When a reaper begins stalking her, it is time for her to discover why.

Lucian Dupont is an Aedh and investment advisor. He has seen many centuries on Earth. He intends to be there for Risa.

Risa is trying to find out why she is being followed by a reaper when she is called upon to assist her mother when a little child needs help. The reapers were there to collect souls, yet this one continues to reappear. She needs to find out why. Between trying to help with her mother’s client, Risa encounters Lucian when he comes to her rescue. She is completely intrigued by him. As she pursues trying to help the little girl, Risa discovers more than she imagined. This goes way beyond the reaper following her. When she learns it may have something to do with her father and the gates that divide hell from Earth, she wonders, even if she and Lucian work together, will it be enough to stop the madness?

Super powerful is how I feel about Darkness Unbound. Dynamic characters who captivate the audience and leave a lasting impression explode in this intense and earth-shaking read. I was thoroughly intrigued with Risa and the way she handles every situation that lands in her path. Her strength makes this book extraordinary. As for Lucian Dupont, the minute I read his name, it was as if his sex appeal, and chemistry, exploded off the pages. I want one of him. Together they create a connection with the reader that engages until the last word. Keri Arthur designs an unstoppable read that hooked this reader instantly.

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