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ISBN #: 978-1-60394-483-0
February 2011
New Concepts Publishing
690 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Scarlet is a practical and hardworking woman. She works three jobs and goes to law school at the same time. Her mother is a less than practical total romantic who left the mundane stuff to Scarlet at an early age. She has no time for relationships but loves sex.

Lazarus is a two thousand year old vampire from the Roman Empire. He is rich beyond words, handsome, and powerful.

Vincent is over two hundred years old. He was made a vampire during the Reign of Terror shortly after his fiancée was guillotined. He is handsome and charming and still mourns his Veronique.

Nico is a tall, blonde, and handsome werewolf. He lost his parents while very young and turned over his pack to a trusted friend.

Scarlet has lived on the poverty line for most of her life. She is determined to become a lawyer and spends every penny on her education. Her trip on the Dark Haven is the result of a radio contest, and she is determined to enjoy every minute of the three-week luxury cruise. Falling in love was not on the itinerary, especially not to three men, or two vampires and a werewolf. Lazarus, Vincent, and Nico never expected to find their mate on the Dark Haven; they are there in search of a particularly vicious vampire. That vampire sees weakness in their love for Scarlet and is determined to make the most of that.

I really enjoyed this story. The four main characters are well developed and very appealing. The plot is interesting and filled with hot and inventive love scenes and some very exciting action scenes. The story does drag a bit from time to time, but is very engaging in spite of that. The cruise ship setting makes for an interesting and confined setting that really works in this novel.

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