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Book 1 of the Immortal Realms series
ISBN#: 9781603105248
September 1, 2010
Red Sage
166 Pages
Paranormal, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

She accepted her fate when, near death, Maria allowed herself to be taken by a vampire, but she never imagined the sacrifices she would ultimately be making. She will do anything to keep her brother and the man she loves safe, even if it means an eternity of misery.

He has known from the beginning exactly who and what Maria is, but Enrique must keep this knowledge to himself. There is a war brewing with the vampires, and Enrique is terrified of how easily he could lose Maria if her master learns of his involvement with the Council.

Carlos thinks he controls her every thought and action, but Maria holds one tiny piece of her soul apart, and that piece belongs entirely to Enrique. She loves him beyond measure, and yet the bond with her master is blood strong. She must obey, if not for her own sake, than for her brother, who blindly follows the sadistic vampire, but she will never hand Enrique over to Carlos. Enrique is enraged when he believes Maria chose Carlos over him, and the centuries of plotting revenge are about to culminate in a blood bath unlike anything in vampire history.

The tug and pull on Maria’s conscience is extraordinary, and as a reader you can really empathize with her character. There are times, however, where I find that her loyalty to her brother belies common sense. The justification of Enrique’s anger is easy to understand, and makes for a fantastic battle of emotions and desires. Book one is a great start, and I am excited to read more.

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