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Incognito Series

Book 1 - No Ordinary Love
Book 2 - Until Death Do Us Part
Book 3 - Bounty on the Rebel’s Heart
Book 4 - Dead Drop
Book 5 - Under the Spell
Book 6 - Renegade’s Rose
Book 7 - Undercover Angel
Book 8 - Hard to Handle
Book 9 - Dance in the Shadows
Book 10 - Hypnotized
Book 11 - Mind Games

Book 12 of the Incognito Series
ISBN #: 978-1-60313-599-3 / 978-1-60313-598-6
March 2011
Whiskey Creek Press
Trade Paperback/EBook
Price: $15.95/ $6.99
124 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Lucy is a highly trained operative and very good at her job. It is too bad that she had no choice in the matter. What she would really like is a normal life and a family with her beloved husband, Vic.

Vic has never loved anyone like he loves Lucy. She is his reason for living, and it hurts him to know that she can never have the life she dreams of. He tries giving her bits of normalcy and happiness on their downtime.

Vic and Lucy have been operatives for most of their lives. Lucy, in particular, longs for a normal life. Vic would just like Lucy to be safe. They are both disillusioned, but there is no way out for them at present. That is until they are approached by the terrorists from RED, whose leader is none other than Vic’s father.

This story is a welcome addition to a very good series. Vic and Lucy are great characters, and Ms. Wiesner has brought them and all of their hopes and dreams to life. The plot is intricate and suspenseful with lots of twists and turns. I never knew what would happen next. The relationship between the two main characters was very tender and loving despite their profession, and Kovac and his cohorts are chillingly evil. This long running series keeps getting better and better.

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