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Dangerous Series
Book 1: Dangerous Surrender
Book 2: Dangerous Rescue
Book 3: Dangerous Secrets

ISBN # 9781603943345
July 2009
New Concepts Publishing
E Book
159 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Karina is a working model who had a bad childhood with a distant father and self-serving tramp for a mother. When things get worse, she runs away to her half-brother in Jamaica. Soon Karina is caught up in murders, betrayal, and revenge, with only a friend of her brother to help her.

Sam is being stalked by a killer out for revenge for past crimes. The killer is also working for a group of terrorists. Seeing Sam with Karina, the killer’s thirst for vengeance increases as he sees an additional target for his cruel design.

As Karina and Sam try to escape the killer, they move through the street and docks of Kingston. Sam must now rely on old friends as the couple gets pulled deeper and deeper into trouble.

Karina and Sam are wonderful characters, and Dangerous Secrets is an interesting book. There are a few logic points I have trouble with, but I love the hard-hitting action that carried through the story. The sex was plentiful and really good. The dialogue was great, working well with the characters and did not fall into excessive Jamaican accents to distract the reader. Support characters play a major role in the book, but readers need to pay attention to who is who and what is going on with them. This is a fast-paced book, and I enjoyed seeing what was going to happen next. The ending is grand and brings everything together for the readers.

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