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ISBN # 9780515149340
April 26, 2011
Jove Books
359 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating 5 cups

Daphne, or Mrs. Joyes, has run The Rarest Blooms for quite some time. When she finds that the randy and rowdy Duke of Castleford has inherited her home and thereby her business through the death of the previous owner, she can see in his eyes that he thinks to claim a blossom that was not nurtured in her greenhouses. To protect her secrets and live by the rule she has created not to ask questions of others around her regarding their pasts, she attempts to convince the Duke to allow her to keep the property.

Castleford has a few rules of his own. Nefarious in his drinking and great love of women, he does business with a clear and sober head only on Tuesdays. He loathes boredom and the strictures of society. Imagine his surprise when encountering Daphne makes him think that perhaps sticking with the same rules he has built his life upon might just be less exciting than watching her cheeks flush to high color.

Daphne and Castleford have one thing in common… their mutual dislike of Latham, Duke of Becksbridge. With neither willing to reveal to the other the reasoning behind this hatred, will they be able to join in conspiring against the loathsome Lord? Or will they be distracted by the passion that flares between them, sharp and bright as the diamonds that Castleford would like to dangle around Daphne’s swan-like neck?

Rules are made to be broken and breaking them in a society that has high expectations of you following them makes that snap of disobedience all the more sweet. In this tender and fun historical romance the two main characters are so well developed that I despaired letting go of them. Passion play behind closed doors with the rustle of a petticoat as it slides up a thigh is vividly portrayed in this novel, making this author one who I will look for again. That she managed to make it fun at the same time… Breathtaking.

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