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ISBN: 9780986968280
July 2011
Valley Publishing
200 Pages
YA Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

A talented artist, fifteen-year-old Storey Dalton, finds a magical pen and suddenly is thrust into the unexpected role as liaison to an alternate reality. She unknowingly opens a door unleashing confusion and terror.

Eric Jordan is sent through the veil between the dimensions to retrieve the missing stylus that was left behind in error when a scientific team was forced to return in haste.

Eric tries to befriend Storey but is puzzled because she seems impervious to his efforts to charm her. Storey and the pen have bonded, and she begins to do things that no one in his dimension thought was possible. As the narrative progresses, Eric and Storey face many adventures. The pair is forced to work together if either is to survive. Further, unless drastic measures are enacted, both their worlds may be overrun by hoards of hideous and vengeful creatures.

There is something really special about Dale Mayer’s stories, and this young adult fantasy adventure is no exception. The pacing kept me reading into the wee hours. Storey Dalton is a likeable girl with a strong sense of duty and loyalty that I admire. Eric Jordan becomes her stalwart companion and protector even though doing so further alienates him from his father, forcing him to make incredibly difficult choices. The fast pace, often amusing dialogue between the protagonists and the well-rounded cast of secondary characters make this a rollicking start to what is sure to be an exceptional new series. My only complaint is that the book ended with a cliff-hanger, and I am left dangling until the next installment.

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