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ISBN# 9781926996165
May 2011
Champagne Books
177 Pages
Historical Romance, Regency
Rating: 4 Cups

Lydia Hetherington has no need to marry, but her family is going to insist she will. Usually a wonderful horse rider, she is unseated by Lord Sheldon, a friend of her brothers, and it happens again. A perceptive young woman, she soon realizes the men are up to something. At the same time, she also realizes she is fascinated by the mysterious Lord.

Lord Marcus Sheldon is covertly trying to find a French spy but is distracted by Lydia. As the male members of his family work to find the spy, a mysterious woman enters the picture. While the search continues, he must also protect family friends from an unknown traitor.

Looking for French spies, trying to spend some time together, and maintaining social obligations is keeping Lydia and Marcus very busy. With a mysterious widow, a frightening suitor, and even Lord Byron making an appearance, things are busy for this couple. A trip will soon set up all the pieces in the puzzle for a dangerous conclusion.

Dangerous Deceit hits all the marks for a good Regency era romance. I thought I knew who all the bad guys were, but loved that I was wrong about one. The language was good for the time, but seemed to try too hard to sound authentic. I love the plot though, and the characters are outstanding in their development and actions. The few problems with the characters are common for regency and regency era books. Apparently, most mothers of the time were idiots without the ability to successfully judge character and all lead female characters are unwilling to get married. It is the interaction between Lydia and Sheldon that completely sells the book for me. The historical attention to detail is good. There is sexual tension, but not graphic sex, and you can tell the characters are growing in their affection for each other. This is Ms. Gemmell’s first full novel, and I expect her to have a successful career.

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