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ISBN-13: 978-0-373-79501-7
October 2009
Harlequin Blaze
216 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

International terrorists are like a cancerous growth on the country, and no matter how many times you cut one out, another comes back. But for FBI Agent Max Carpenter, none are so deadly as the Ghost, and he has made it his personal crusade to stop him.

The DEA tracks the comings and goings of drug lords all over the world, and for Agent Rio Marshall, the jungles of Columbia have practically become her second home. They also nearly became her grave, but being babysat by the FBI is not in her personal mission plan.

Irritation and frustration at being taken off his case fizzle slightly when Max gets a good look at his new mission. Agent Marshall is sizzling hot, from her glorious red head all the way down her luscious body, and Max is definitely feeling the heat. Rio knows with absolute certainty that Max is not going to be the typical male pushover she was hoping for. She needs to get him off her tail and on with her plans, but shaking him loose proves very dangerous to her heart.

Where there is heat there is fire, and something is definitely cooking with Max and Rio. Getting hot and heavy while on the run may not be the smartest of moves, but with two kick-ass commandos like these who is going to complain? There is nothing better than a woman who can give as good as she gets, and yet has the heart to admit when she needs help. And Max is her perfect accompaniment with his “take no prisoners” approach to life and love.

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