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New York Series

Book 1: A Table for Three
Book 2: Damaged Goods

New York Series, Book 2
ISBN# 9781609289706
21 August 2012
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
200 Pages
Contemporary Kink BDSM Red Hots
Rating: 4 Cups

It is hard for Detective Brice Marshall to love his job, when it comes to cases like this. Such beautiful young girls have not just been murdered. They have been butchered, making it his job, as well as his vow, to put the killer away for good.

Living in New York City is a big deal for a small town girl like Terryn Keller, though it has not turned out quite like she imagined. The challenge and excitement of trying to make it in the big city are all there, except when it comes to the men she meets.

The case is stalling so bad Brice needs to shut down his brain and burn off some frustration, which makes the club the perfect answer. Meeting Terryn blows his mind with her beauty, submission and exquisite responsiveness to his touch. Going to the club, Terryn’s hope is to meet a man who can send her to the stars, but nothing could have prepared her for Brice. The murderer, however, is in no way finished, when there are so many bad girls out there deserving to die.

The personality traits that go into being a detective as well as a Dom are front and present in Brice’s character. He is all man–powerful, smart and overbearing at times, though it is what makes him more real. If you are looking for a read that keeps your temp running hot, this is for you. Ms. Reese loads her stories with the sexiest men and women, then adds the perfect amount of kink to keep everything interesting.

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