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ISBN: 978-1-936165-54-4
September 2010
Purple Sword Publications
220 Pages
Science Fiction / Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The Wraith Orchid and her crew are about the closest thing to family Emma Gardine will ever know, and for a pirate captain that suits her just fine. Who needs all of those ridiculously female emotions, when you can take what you want when you want it?

The burning need for revenge has been the focal point in Tarik Vartouth’s existence for so long he can barely remember anything else. His father and the government of Nazulara are solely to blame for the atrocities occurring on the planet, and if it takes him to his last breath, Tarik will see the man dead.

Tarik has one chance to get off the planet and put together his plan to destroy his father, and Emma’s ship is going to make it happen--whether she likes it or not. Emma has a sneaking suspicion that Tarik is not as innocent as he seems, relatively speaking, but for the first time ever, her libido is talking louder than her intuition. She wants this man off her ship, in her bed, and out of her head, but the disparity of those desires is hard to ignore. Tarik’s single-minded determination to stop his father has suddenly warped into a blinding drive to have Emma any way, anyhow, but wanting her and having her could prove as deadly as his mission.

The range of characters in this novel is fantastic. They are fun, rotten ornery, and sexy to boot. What more could you ask for? Emma and Tarik both have serious control issues, but even so, their sparring is as much fun to read whether it is done on the sheets or off. There is also a very sobering plotline to this novel that will have you as worked up and angry as Tarik and Emma. You do not see this combination of humor, sex appeal, and real heart very often, so take note, Ms. Sookoo is an author worth your attention.

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