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Legends of the Immortal Bloods, Book 1
AISN: 978-0-9884676-0-6
February 2013
Lucky Clover Publishing
$2.99 e-book/$13.99 paperback
89 pages
Rating: 2 Cups

Layla is the daughter of the king of hell, and for centuries has avoided him and his plans for her. She takes refuge with the vampires at their keep. Knowing that any dealings with her can lead to death for that person, she keeps to herself. She is intrigued by Larkin and cannot resist tempting him with smiles or glimpses of herself.

Larkin, a vampire, is the strongest Curator born to his race. After the death of his parents he was brought to the keep by his mentor. His mentor warns him that any contact with Layla is forbidden and dangerous. His passionate desire for Layla supersedes his mentor’s warnings and he risks contact with her anyway.

Layla ignores her instincts she has lived with for centuries, and he disregards the counsel given to him from his mentor. Succumbing to their intense desire to meet will start a chain of events that will alter their destinies forever. In the background there is a war being fought, for their race's survival and for dominion over the human race.

The characters did not have much depth to them, and their reactions to things tended to be dramatic. While the histories of the different races, along with their limits, were detailed, the explanations of their powers were not. This story read as more of an extended prologue than a self-contained story. I would hope that the next book smoothes these issues out, as this new world is fascinating and shows potential.

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