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The Dark Hollow Wolf Pack Series

Book 1: The Alpha’s Pet

Dark Hollow Wolf Pack, Book 2
ISBN: 9781618853028
June 2012
Secret Cravings Publishing
96 Pages
Erotic M/M Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

His smaller size makes Rory more determined to do a good job for his alpha. And defending his pack against the Hunters in the lead gamma position has him glowing with pride.

Despite the events leading up to the death of his brother, it is Casey’s duty to seek revenge on the murdering wolf.

Organizing the new workers, Rory is blindsided within seconds of entering the room. His mate being among the former rogues leaves Rory confused, conflicted and definitely excited. Suddenly torn by doubt, Casey realizes Rory is his mate despite the vow he has to uphold. He loves his mate but hates his wolf, which allows for only one option that can make Rory hate him forever.

Casey and Rory are two very hot and hardheaded wolves. Conflict comes right on the heels of their first encounter and never stops. Their head butting certainly keeps things interesting, even though in my opinion Casey certainly skirts the edge of abusive. I feel Rory is more honest and open, a good balancing factor to Casey’s excessiveness.

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