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ISBN-13: 978-1-936000-19-7, 10: 1-936000-19-9
November 1, 2009
Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.
111 Pages
Futuristic / Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

So much has changed for Payce Halligan, but after three long torturous years the pain is still as fresh as if it happened yesterday. She will never again allow herself to become involved with anyone on a personal level. For her, the job is the only thing left in her life.

The stunning realization of how hideous his life is becoming prompts Gavin McAllister to leave London for Las Vegas. He leaves behind everyone and everything he has ever known, trying to outrun the horror that he has brought upon his family.

In all of her years on the LVPD, Payce has never seen such brutal and sickening murders, and with the state of the economy and lack of qualified officers, finding the killer is not going to be easy. The last thing she wants is a new partner, especially one that looks and acts like Gavin McAllister. Gavin takes Payce’s attitude in stride, but cannot help feeling that something is sparking between them. Their first case, however, may be their last, as a sadistic killer sets his sights on Payce, and Gavin is scrambling to save his partner before he has one more death on his head.

From the scorching desert heat to a stone cold killer, there are thrills and chills in every chapter of this book. Payce and Gavin are unbearably grief stricken, as each try to come to grips with the losses in their lives, but together you can almost feel the healing. And I say almost, because you barely get a feel for them as a unit, before they are torn apart by the twisted machinations of a madman. This story draws you in and then leaves you dangling in the wind with a most unbelievable cliff-hanger… I am dying to read the next instalment!

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