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The Sisterhood Series
Book 1 - Weekend Warriors
Book 2 - Payback
Book 3 - Vendetta
Book 4 - The jury
Book 5 - Sweet Revenge
Book 6 - Lethal Justice
Book 7 - Free Fall
Book 8 - Hide and Seek
Book 9 - Hokus Pokus
Book 10 - Fast Track
Book 11 - Collateral Damage
Book 12 - Final Justice
Book 13 - Under the Radar
Book 14 - Razor Sharp
Book 15 - Vanishing Act
Book 16 - Deadly Deals
Book 17 - Game Over
Book 18 - Cross Roads
Book 19 - Deja Vu
Book 20 - Home Free

Sisterhood Series, Book 18
ISBN: 9781420111927
September 2010
Zebra, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$7.99-USA/ $10.99-CAN
377 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Myra is bored with her life on the farm. Though she loves Charles, due to her separation from her fellow sisters, she feels as if her life is adrift.

Annie knows she is unconventional. As boredom sets in and she creates havoc, she decides to find solace with someone who understands her.

Maggie has been feeling as if she is constantly being watched. Not sure if it is paranoia from her seclusion or something else setting in, she consults Annie and Myra.

As the clues are pieced together, the sisters find themselves once again back in action. Now they are targeting a man who has torn their whole lives apart. With the aid of their loved ones, and some who are barely tolerated, they strike back with true sisterhood vengeance. Because as most people know, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and every single sister is out for blood.

I must say that Cross Roads starts out brilliantly. But it was not long before I was getting lost as old friendships were rekindled and plans are being formed. With Fern Michaels’ stories you have to read each book with complete concentration and pay great attention to all the details going on around you. Otherwise you end up scratching your head and wondering how you missed something and then finding yourself going backwards in the book to better understand the plotline. If you have followed along from the beginning, you will enjoy this eighteenth novel in the sisterhood series.

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