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ISBN- 13:9780981956817
January 5, 2010
The Story Plant
Mass Market Paperback
$7.99 US/ $9.99 CAN
336 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Once upon a time, Hugh Penders was a young man who was going places. Then, his younger brother, Chase, drove off the Pine River Bridge and died. At that point, Hugh lost his focus. Now, he is back in the town of Amber, Connecticut, to help his parents out with the family stationary store… the last place he thought he would end up.

Iris was Chase Penders’ girlfriend. When he died, her world shifted, but she went on with her life. Hugh’s reappearance in Amber causes some feelings, which she kept buried for years, to raise to the surface. Maybe she can give him the thing he needs to find his place in the world again.

Hugh’s mother calls him back to town when his father has a heart attack. Learning he cannot handle the stress of his job, Richard Penders has to rely on his oldest son, the son who wants nothing to do with the business he has built. Hugh feels blocked in when he is forced into helping out, but a walk leads him to Iris, who is in town visiting her mother. Over drinks, Hugh discovers his feelings for Iris were not as one sided as he always believed them to be. However, Hugh has to deal with some very deep and dark places inside himself before he can move on.

I fell into this story and the depth of emotions the author carries throughout. So many intense thoughts bombard the reader from the start, but it gives you a real look into the characters. Hugh will never be his fun-loving brother and that makes him feel like he is second best in his parents’ eyes. There is so much pain within this family, and it is a character in its own right. Iris is the light in this story. She adds so much love and hope to Hugh’s life. Mr. Baron touches my heart and soul with his book. Telling a romantic story from the male perspective is not only a unique one, but breathtaking as well. I am looking forward to putting this on my shelf and re-reading this for many years to come.

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