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ISBN# (13)978-1939217301,(10)193921730X/B00B5L0I7S
January 23, 2013
5 Prince Publishing
252 Pages
Romance, suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Tess Copeland is tired of running. She has always had a hard life and thought that switching identities with Shelby Coleman would make thing easier. Planning to use Shelby’s identity to stay hidden proves to be unrealistic when she realizes that Shelby is in hot water too. When Trevor shows up looking for Shelby, some of Tess’s wants shift but can she overcome her trust issues?

Originally, Trevor Smith went to Aspen to find Shelby. After meeting Tess he knows he needs to help her get out of the jam she is in, but that will not be easy. Not only will he have to save her from multiple enemies, but he will have to get her to trust him. That might be the hardest hurdle to overcome. He knows she has the same feelings he does and he’s going to show her that they are real.

Tess is a skilled manipulator. She has had to be to survive the life she was dealt. The system has given her no choice but to run when they send a U.S. Marshal after her. The opportunity to steal a woman’s identity arises and she takes it and flees, but the woman she is pretending to be is trouble, too. When the cowboy, Trevor, shows up looking for Shelby, Tess’ world turns topsy-turvy. More problems arise and Trevor is right there every step of the way trying to help her. All he wants in return is her trust and love. But can she let go of her fears and succumb to the handsome man she barely knows?

As always Ms. Moncrief delivers a suspenseful and compelling read with a love story interlaced within the plot. I liked watching Tess grow and learn how to trust again. Grover and Gladys are very cute and are an enjoyable addition. The story is a great, complex mystery so quick and smart it kept me guessing until the very end.

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