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ISBN# 978-1-60737-578-4
May 2010
Loose ID Publishing
90 Pages
Multicultural Shape-Shifter Paranromal
Rating 4 cups

Aleta Cortes is running the race of her life. If she completes this last ancient breeding race without being caught, and thereby tied to a mate for life, she is free of the dictates of her society to run free and independent. She hopes if she runs far and fast enough, she will get past the pain of her long ago broken heart…

Forced to leave his intended mate behind and go into exile to start a tribe of his own, shapeshifting Luiz came back to this race for one thing alone -- to claim the woman he was forced to leave behind. He is sure together they can unite their people and keep them safe from the threatening war.

In a battle of both speed and wills, Aleta and Luiz can either unite and save their people, or fight and their two tribes will go to war. Before they can deal with the political maneuvering swirling around them, they have to deal with the fiery need that burns as bright as it did years ago when they were torn apart.

Cria is a tale riddled with vivid encounters as well as a world formed in such crisp description that Amazon heat beads on your skin. Aleta is a strong character who met her match in the determined Luiz and this reader found their story to shift from passionate to tender in a twitch of a jaguar tail.

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