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Boston Avant-Garde Series

Book 1: Strung Out
Book 2: Crescendo
Book 3: Impetuous
Book 4: Encore
Book 5: Bellicoso
Book 6: Chiaroscuro
Book 7: Da Capo Al Fine

ISBN#: 9781611184570
July 2011
Loose Id
203 Pages
Contemporary Ménage
Rating: 4 Cups

Leslie may have been born on the right side of the track but lately she has felt as if her life is a train wreck. When her friend Niles needs help, she goes to the only men she thinks can help him.

Seth is stunned when Leslie walks into his office and asks, not for a repeat performance like they had three months ago, but legal help for her friend Niles. Seth was hurt when she walked out of his life but now he has found a way to get her back in it.

Joshua watched Seth’s world crumble when Leslie walked out and he refuses to see it happen again. But how is he supposed to keep track of Seth’s heart when his own threatened to cave under Leslie’s sensual and caring touch?

Seth and Joshua convince Leslie to move in with them. While Joshua plans to keep tabs on his best friend’s emotional state, Seth plans on getting exactly what he wants. And what he wants is for the three of them to have the harmonious relationship that any great ménage trio can have. In order for them to finally get the happily ever after, they will each have issues from their past to contend with. Will Seth and Joshua be able to convince Leslie that staying with them is the perfect answer or will she once again walk away?

Crescendo is a tale that involves more than just great sex and stunning characterization. The emotional upheaval and everyday problems that they encounter from having a ménage a trois makes this novel sing. I think the way Ms. Maitland uses music references to describe the relationship between the three, as well as their sexual encounters, is beautifully done. The way Seth is described as a man who wears his heart on his sleeve versus Joshua’s emotional wall gives them the perfect balance in this book. The storyline will grab you from the beginning and before you know it you are reading the last page and wondering how the time flew by so fast.

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