Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 978-1-60767-069-8
September 2009
Tease Publishing LLC
180 Pages
Time Travel/Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Gillian Metcalf cancels her wedding two days prior to the event. She keeps the Queen Mary honeymoon trip and brings her good friend, Samantha, along.

Zachary Creighton needs respect and unblemished reputation to win back the Creighton Manor. He had no idea part of the deal would include a marriage,

Gillian confesses to Samantha that no matter how much she loved Jerry; she was not in love with him. Still Samantha hates that Gillian gave up a great man like Jerry. Once on the ship, the girls hear the ship is haunted. Gillian continues to have dreams of a man speaking in a foreign language. After falling asleep, she awakes in a different room with a man. As a gambler, Zachary realizes gambling is a dangerous business. Since his father lost the manor, Zachary wants to win it back. He is surprised to find Gillian in his room, and even more shocked to learn he must marry her. When they are not fighting their hostility toward each other, their hearts are trying to pull them closer together. Could this really be the woman to bring Zach back to life?

There is never a dull moment in Creighton Manor. Gillian and Zach are a wonderful match. They are robust and know how to bring excitement to the pages. The storyline flows at a great pace. It is apparent; Gillian and Zach are meant for each other, even though they do not immediately act upon their situation. I enjoyed the premise of the story and found it quite entertaining. Karen Michelle Nutt tells a story that kept me guessing if Gillian and Zach were going to make it as an item. It was nail-biting wondering if Gillian would return to the present. The emotions were in full bloom in this page-turning read.

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