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Blue Collar Wolves

Book 1: Weremones
Book 2: PMSing
Book 3: Making Tracks
Book 4: White Hat Wolf
Shopping Showdown
Book 5: Creature Comforts

Blue Collar Wolves, Book 5
ISBN # 9781603943633
October 2009
New Concepts Publishing
215 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

India Demos is on the run from Hunters who have killed all but four of her pack. She is the daughter of the Alpha and is trying her best to keep them all alive. She is a strong and beautiful wolf, but not an alpha.

Chase Redding is one of the wardens for the Anderson County Pack. He and his best friend Tank have found a home with the Weis family. The tall blond is a ruthless and strong enforcer who will do anything to keep his pack safe.

India is so tired of running from the Hunters. The only peace she finds is in her dreams with a handsome golden-colored wolf she calls Tag. He is not real, but she finds she has a connection to him. Chase dreams of a beautiful black wolf he calls Cleo and wakes up to find he has a mate bond to someone he has never met. When they finally meet, she is more than he even dreamed, but trouble follows her, and he is torn between his mate and his pack.

This is one of my favorite series and hopefully all of them will be available again soon. Chase and his best friend Tank are intriguing characters, but this is the first time they have been separated in the series and I enjoyed getting to know more about Chase on his own. India is a very strong character in difficult circumstances. She always manages to be her own person despite her desperate circumstances. Chase’s treatment of her is not always kind or fair, but things improve as the situation deteriorates and India proves herself to the pack. The addition of the fanatical religious cult to the always dangerous psychic Hunters adds even more drama and suspense and there is a nice little twist at the end regarding the twins Bradley and Brandon.

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