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ISBN#: 978-1-934657-34-8
January 3, 2010
Desert Breeze Publishing
82 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Being an officer of the Arizona Fish and Game Department gives Madison Huntley a feeling of worth and independence. She loves being an officer of the law while protecting animals at the same time, even if her family thinks her job is a joke.

The strange feeling that Kaletaka has harbored for a long time is getting stronger, and the blackouts more frequent. If not for his art, and the release it gives him, he would surely go mad.

Madison is given the chance to redeem herself in the department after an embarrassing debacle when she was just a rookie. Her boss and ex-boyfriend (how she ever thought she liked the guy still amazes her), Jake, has been hassling her non-stop, but solving this case would go a long way to getting her transfer. She needs to quickly and quietly take out whatever or whoever is mutilating the local livestock. Her first day on the job brings her face to face with the most enticing man she has ever come across. Kaletaka’s desire for Madison threatens to blaze out of control, but her very life is in danger if he loses that control.

This story is like a beautiful house with no furniture, it just feels hollow. I love the concept of Kaletaka being the embodiment of his heritage, while fighting to retain his humanity, and Madison is well on her way to being a gutsy and exciting field agent. However they are missing the emotional depth that really pulls the reader into their lives. In my opinion, this felt like an amazing preview for a much more involved, mysterious, and maybe even sexier read.

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