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  Book 1 - A Sensible Match
  Book 2 - Courting Constance

Sequel to A Sensible Match
ISBN: 978-0-9819896-9-3
July 31, 2010
Vintage Reflections Publishing
Paperback/ Trade Paperback
282 pages
Regency Inspirational Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Constance has made a mess of her engagement to Sir Geoffrey; she openly flirted with another and then called off the engagement. But now, heading to Bath with her best friend, she feels she is going to court Geoffrey in hope of winning his heart again; only her plans never seem to work to her advantage.

Sir Geoffrey has decided he wishes to seek revenge on Constance for what she has done. Yet he finds himself perplexed as he is confused by his feelings for her.

With Constance’s plans always falling amuck. With miscommunications between parties and hurting her best friend, Harriet, things are just a mess. Will Sir Geoffrey ever see that she truly does love him or are things finally over for good?

I enjoyed the story of Sir Geoffrey and Constance. It really was entertaining with the old adage of Murphy’s Law affecting everything as Constance tried to win back Geoffrey. My only problem was I could not help but feel that this couple lacked a spark of chemistry between them. Overall, for me, Courting Constance was an enjoyable read except for that one small quirk, but I am only one opinion, so check out the latest by Teryl Cartwright for yourself.

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