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ISBN: 9781595788696
Liquid Silver Books
44 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

When she was eighteen and quite shy, Audrey Harper tried to make certain advances on her father’s junior partner and was turned away. Now that she is older and wiser, she should stay as far away from him as possible but there is just something about Justin Redding that makes certain parts of her tingle.

Justin may seem to be a respectable businessman but he has a darker, shadier secret. He is also a jewel thief who uses the ill-gotten gains to make sure he can give Audrey the life she is accustomed to if he can ever get her to marry him.

Knowing her father is trying to marry her off to some stranger, Audrey decides to take her future into her own hands by selecting a masked lover for just one night. Spotting a man who is dressed as Joaquin Murrieta, the Robin Hood of El Dorado, Audrey knows she has found her future lover. Justin, AKA Joaquin Murrieta, has set the trap and his lovely target has fallen right into it. Next stop is seduction and eventually marriage. Will he accomplish all of his goals or will the truth stop him from obtaining all that is within his reach?

Courtesans and Thieves is a good story. I like the plot and how Ms. Sookoo tangles both historical romance and adventure in this novel. Audrey is shown as a strong character that is fighting against the nature of a father who wants to control every aspect of her life. The author also does a good job of detailing Justin as the romantic hero who fights for the lesser folks in a way as old as time. Nicely done.

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