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ISBN: 9781603944663
October 2010
New Concepts Publishing
202 Pages
Paranormal Romance; Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Sarah King could not believe her bad luck. One minute she is a woman with a good life, the next she is on the run from a man who epitomizes evil.

Laird Ian knows little about the woman who is renting the cottage by the stream. Wanting to get to know her better, he is shocked when he realizes they are linked in a way that goes beyond the typical mortal realm.

Sarah is surprised when Ian tries to explain that she is some Star-Child and the man after her is someone who will continue to terrorize her unless she eliminates him. As time passes her faith in Ian grows, as does her passion and love for him. But her stalker always seems to be one-step behind her, which leads Ian and Sarah on a journey unlike anything she has experienced before. If she survives the adventure, Sarah will have to decide if she wants to stay with Ian or go home to her old life.

Cottage by a Stream is a great read. Ms. Wolfe takes the reader on a voyage that spans many different areas as well as different points in time. I got to watch as Sarah learned how to be a proper Victorian lady, struggled with her temper, and grew into a woman who is destined to defend herself. I really enjoyed how she put so many different people in their places; from high society women and men to a warrior determined to point out that women could not fight. I enjoyed reading this novel and if you want to read a different, eclectic, and unique tale, you will want to pick up this book.

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