Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781606599983
June 2010
Phaze Books
214 Pages
Contemporary, Interracial, BDSM, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

The BDSM lifestyle is very demanding especially for Princess Watkins, who is no longer sure that being a Domme is enough for her. She needs to make a decision on where her future lies, before someone else makes it for her.

Coming to Suite Surrender means one thing for Erik Hendrix, and that is becoming the Dungeon Master. Twenty years as a successful Dom is proof of his skills, and he is very certain that no one will be able to match him.

Season after season Princess, aka Mistress Agony, delivers beatings and pain to some of the most influential men in the country, but for some reason it is getting harder to keep her focus. She wants her life to go back to normal, or whatever constitutes normal in this lifestyle, but with Erik’s arrival nothing will be the same again. Erik has never craved anything or anyone like he does Princess, and it is making him take a long hard look at his own life. Being a Dom is who and what he is, but being with Princess is becoming more important than his next breath, and he is not at all sure he she will ever feel the same.

This story has a little different attitude towards the BDSM lifestyle than many others that are out there. In some you will find a very intense and strict adherence to rules, while others make more of joke out of it, but in this book I find it to fall somewhere in the middle. I am not sure there is an honest conviction to the BDSM scene, but the characters are passionate, and their personal discoveries make this a very enjoyable read. I also love the open and sensual nature of the interracial couples within this story, and find their differences in looks and nature equally appealing.

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