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The Partnership in Blood Series
Book 1: Alliance in Blood
Book 2: Conflict in Blood
Book 3: Covenant in Blood
Book 4: Reparation in Blood
Book 5: Perilous Partnership
Book 6: Reluctant Partnerships

ISBN# E-book-978-1-935192-30-5/Paperback-978-1-935192-29-9
May 2009
Dreamspinner Press
304 Pages
M/M, Paranormal
Rating: 5 cups

Raymond is a wizard who at the beginning of the war sided with the dark wizards until he saw how destructive Serrier, the leader of the dark wizards, truly was. Back with the Milce now, he is paired with the leader of the vampires.

Jean is the leader of the vampires and Raymond’s partner. Though he has tried to resist the lure of Raymond’s blood and their bond, it is becoming more difficult for him to do so.

When Marcel, the leader of the Milce and Jean go to the French government to petition for vampires to have equal rights, they run into a brick wall almost immediately. Frustrated, but still hopeful that eventually the non-magical who rule France will come around, they go back to the war. Serrier is becoming highly frustrated by his many losses and is trying desperately to figure out what he can do to turn the tide. In the midst of battles and spies attempting to infiltrate both sides, Raymond and Jean cement their bond. However, though their love has begun to bloom, Serrier carries out a plan that rocks the partnership nearly to its knees. Can Raymond and Jean’s budding bond survive this ultimate betrayal?

I have been positively glued to the pages until the early hours this evening to finish this book, and once again Ms. Tachna does not disappoint! The suspense kept me on the edge of my seat until I had read the last page. How this author is able to juggle so many different characters, their relationships, and a complex storyline as well, is a mystery to this reader, but she does so with panache. The fight scenes are fantastically choreographed as always, and you are never sure what is going to happen because each one is completely different with a different outcome. The lovemaking between the different couples is so explosive that you cannot stop reading; really finger-singe-worthy. Conflict in Blood furthers the storyline in the Partnership in Blood Series beautifully and ends with a real cliffhanger. My only regret is that I have to wait until November to be able to read the conclusion. Thank you, Ms. Tachna for another wonderful story, I will continue spreading the word about this series, it is quite simply to die for!

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