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ISBN#: 978-1-60592-057-3
October 2009
Noble Romance Publishing
59 Pages
Sci-fi/Futuristic; Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Rye Pecatti is a creator of androids. He created the entire line of Silk androids that were designed to sexually entertain. Within this line he created his very own sexual partner, but he did something more, he gave this android the ability to think and feel and choose.

Chal is the android that Rye created.

When the authorities find out about Chal and what he is capable of, they send Rye to prison for years, and they order Chal’s memory wiped. What they had not counted on was Chal’s will to survive. Chal wakes up in an android garbage dump and spends the next seven years doing what he does best, servicing others sexually. He knows he is missing a large part of his memory but decides to go on anyway. However, when a man arrives that causes his circuits to nearly combust because of the feelings he evokes, Chal is cautious. For Rye’s part, he loves Chal and wants him back but he is remorseful of the fact that Chal lost his memory because of him and suffered as a consequence. Rye knows that the only way he can have Chal is for Chal to come to him of his own free will. Will Rye be able to convince Chal in time, or will a madman destroy what he created keeping the two apart forever?

Whew! This was one hot tamale of a story and I have to say I loved it! I adored Chal’s independence, as well as his ability to be so human, and yet in some ways still not understand what that means. Rye is incredible in his weakness, but you have to love how much he adores Chal and even understand why he created him. The world building in this story is par excellence. The sex scenes are hot enough to singe your eyebrows. This book is definitely a keeper in this reviewer’s opinion.

Coffee Time Romance & More



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