Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781619267848
June 2012
Siren Publishing, Inc.
287 Pages
Contemporary BDSM
Rating: 3 Cups

Her dream of opening a B&B has become an obsession since Allie Walker inherited her father’s home on the California coast. Too bad the cost of getting it up and running is putting quite a strain on her relationship with Brad.

Since Allie has returned to take over her father’s house, Karl has been anxiously waiting for the right time to introduce her to her real legacy. He may never get the chance, though, if Allie continues to bury her personality beneath a false sense of propriety.

Shooting a nude photo during college has haunted Allie mercilessly, and it is a part of her past that needs to stay buried, if she wants to keep her relationship with Brad intact. Coming to California, however, opens up a whole new world centered on Allie’s very sexy and formidable handyman, Karl. With his help, Allie begins to learn that the human body is meant to be cherished and admired, which spurs a whole host of very explicit and erotic fantasies. Unfortunately, her business as well as her newfound desires may be in even greater jeopardy than before, if she cannot make peace with her father’s past.

It is easy to see how the weight Allie carries on her shoulders affects her nerves, but it is tough to watch her bury her personality for the sake of her boyfriend’s feelings. I really like how Karl empowers her to be her own woman by showing her the freedom of expressing what she needs and wants from both him and Brad. This story starts out with barely a touch among any of its characters, so when things start rolling I feel it progresses a little too quickly right into BDSM. Still I do like where this is going, and Karl’s character is enough to keep me coming back for more.

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