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ISBN# 9780143122685
27 November 2012
Penguin Books
464 Pages
Contemporary Paranormal Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Sarah Weston is happy with her life as musicologist–deciphering the meaning and composition of music and immersing herself in the idiosyncrasies of eccentric composers and those who study them. When she is offered a chance to go to Prague and catalog an historic collection of Beethoven’s original works, how can she resist?

From the moment she accepts the job at Prague Castle, nothing is what it seems. First off, the other academics working in the castle believe her mentor, Professor Sherbatsky, committed suicide. Then there is the mysterious dwarf, allusions to hallucinogenic drug use, not to mention the handsome and possibly homicidal Prince Max.

Sarah finds herself up to her elbows in a conspiracy that forces her to question everything she believes about reality. She and the enigmatic Prince Max unravel not just his family’s bloody history, but also the essence of perception and the human mind. As the clock ticks down and the players take their places, Sarah will risk everything for the chance to know the truth.

Scholars and romantics have long debated the question of who Beethoven’s “Immortal Beloved” really was. This wildly imaginative story proposes a whole new take on history and magic that will suck you in no matter your interest in music. City of Dark Magic is a fantastic read for anyone who enjoys a fresh perspective and great storytelling.

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