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ISBN#: 9781455547531
September 2013
Grand Central Publishing
$8.00 US/ $9.00 CAN
791 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Simply Irresistible

Nearly running over a gorgeous guy on a motorcycle is not exactly how Maddie Moore wants to begin her new life in Lucky Harbor. She wants this to work so bad it is scary, since she has no clue what to do if it does not.

The cutthroat world of high profile law is something Jax Cullen does not miss one bit. Lucky Harbor makes him happy and working with his hands feels like he is doing something worthwhile.

After her last relationship Maddie is ready to steer clear of men…maybe forever, at least that is what her head is saying. Having Jax helping around the Inn however has her body screaming something completely different. Trying to keep her focus on getting her sisters to stick with the plan is hard enough, keeping Jax from invading her heart, impossible.

Maddie may have been a mouse in her past life, but with this much at stake she finds her roar. Jax is there to help her whenever she doubts herself, never once being anything but supportive and honest. These two are…simply irresistible!

The Sweetest Thing

The Steel Magnolia…that is what everyone thinks when they meet Tara Daniels. An image she spends countless amounts of energy maintaining. Since coming back to Lucky Harbor however, her façade seems to be slipping.

Despite traveling the world and making enough to live any way he chooses, Ford Walker is home in Lucky Harbor. He co-owns the bar with Jax, and takes off to sail whenever the mood hits. Life is good, and he is bored to death.

Keeping a secret for seventeen years is hard work, so when it all comes out Tara is almost relieved. She and Ford have a history, one she cannot let herself repeat, even if she still melts every time he looks at her. Ford knows Tara, right down to her soul, and he refuses to let her hide any longer.

Never let them see you sweat is not just a motto for Tara; it is her life, except where Ford is concerned. I love that he breaks down every one of her barriers, and sees her for the woman she longs to be. Perfection is way overrated, and with Ford, Tara is free to burn breakfast any time she wants.

Kissing Santa Claus

With so much going on to get ready for Christmas Sandy Jansen should not have time to think of the summer fling to end all flings, but tell that to her heart.

NASCAR driver Logan Perrish cannot get Lucky Harbor out of his thoughts, even when he should be concentrating on not getting himself killed on the track.

It stinks being alone during the holidays, which must be why Sandy keeps torturing herself with thoughts of Logan. Their summer affair seems a lifetime away, but when Logan unexpectedly shows up she is not quite ready to throw herself into his arms. Logan knows what he wants, and with the determination that put him the driver’s seat in NASCAR, he goes after it.

Logan is a man who has it all; fame, fortune, and women throwing themselves at him, but until he meets Sandy there is something missing. A small town girl with a heart big as big as it gets fills a void in Logan’s life he never knew was there. Sandy will show this hot shot what it means to put it all on the line.

Under the Mistletoe

Barely controlling her excitement Mia Hutchinson hands her boyfriend a plane ticket to meet her biological parents. The reaction she gets is nothing like she expects.

Just like Mia, Nick too was given up at birth, although the similarities end there.

To say she is crushed it an understatement, although Mia has no one to blame but herself. Nick never grew up with a real family therefore she can kind of understand why he turns down her invitation. What it means for their relationship though is too painful to even contemplate.

This is one gutsy young woman! She is so incredibly smart, sweet, and honest it makes your heart ache for her. Nick may be slow to realize this, but there is hope if he gets his act together fast.

Jill Shalvis is about as good as it gets if you are looking for romance, passion, and characters who make you believe in happily ever after. Maddie and Jax are clearly made for each other, and go together like vinegar and chips. To shake things up you have Tara and Ford whose love burns hotter the more they try to ignore it. Topping it all off like marshmallows on your favorite hot chocolate is Logan and Sandy, Mia and Nick, whose stories are the perfect finish.

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