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Chosen By Series
Book 1: Chosen by Blood
Book 2: Chosen by Fate

Chosen By, Book 1
ISBN 9780425241547
May 2011
The Berkley Publishing Group
$ 7.99
363 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Felicia Locke works for the FBI and the newly created special unit in charge of the Others-half bloods and the like-who are trying to stop civil war from breaking out, yet again, between humans and creatures who could seek to destroy them. She is Knox Deveraux's soul-mate but cannot give into what he demands of her because of a hierarchy keeping them apart. The very chemistry drawing them together haunts her daily, and she struggles not to let these feelings sway her decisions for work. She knows that although she is attracted to him, she must not cave to the passion she finds in his arms.

Knox is a half human dhampire who is trying hard to protect his fellow vampires. Collecting blood from blood banks, vampires are unable to feed off humans due to an antivenom most humans took part in, but as a half human, Knox is able to survive while his kind fail. Obsessed with his feelings for Felicia, he makes a deal to join the special ops unit so long as he can have Felicia without anyone interfering. He will do what he has to for his people, but he must have her.

Fighting against their feelings for each other, the sparks fly due to the passion and struggle between them. Although she has hidden from him for three years, they are drawn together by work and have to find a way to deal with each other. Danger lurks at every turn both from people who do not want them to find the cure for the antivenom and vampires desperate due to starvation. Will they get past their own issues and find the antivenom and stop the civil war, or will they be destroyed because of the distraction their feelings create?

With a hard-hitting heroine who does not spend her time simpering, Felicia is a fun character to read due to her witty and fiery personality. To even this out, DePaul gives us the steady and sexy Knox who left this reader fanning herself with his dialogue and description. Leaving the reader hoping for them to work it out, this passionate tale is well-rounded and developed in a world that is both believable and dynamic.

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