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  The Three Soldiers Series
  Book 1- Gallant Officer, Forbidden Lady
  Book 2 - Chivalrous Captain, Rebel Mistress

Book 2 in the Three Soldiers Series
ISBN: 9780373296095
September 2010-US/ January 2011-UK
Harlequin Historical
$5.99-USA/ 6.99-CAN
282 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Marian Pallant follows her friend Domina to where her friend’s fiancé is fighting. When they become separated, Marian begins to fear the worst.

Captain Allan Landon spots a boy in the middle of chaos and vows to rescue him. Finding out that he is really a woman, Allan vows to help Marian return to her family.

When Marian is abandoned once again, Allan is furious and tries to fix the situation, but only makes it worse. Someone else is brought into the mix that is jealous of Allan’s relationship with Marian and his bravery among the soldiers. Using lies and deception, he wedges a rift between them in the hopes of tearing them apart forever. Meeting up again years later, Marian and Allan realize their feelings for each other has never changed but their circumstances have as they are on opposite sides of a debate that may turn deadly.

The way Ms. Gaston introduces us to Allan brings about his hero characteristic and allows us to see him for the good guy he is. Marian is such a complex woman, with her bravery and strength and determination to fight for justice and the rights for the soldiers. Chivalrous Captain, Rebel Mistress is like a mini-series as we see two very different characters when it comes to Marian and Allan. The first part of the book shows us how much they are willing to risk to do what is right and damn the consequences while the second part shows us how life and love have changed them for the better and the worse. This is an intriguing tale that will have you sympathizing for the soldiers as well as two lost souls trying to connect in a time when they are adversaries.

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