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ISBN: 9781615081592
January 2010
Sizzler Editions
110 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Alain d’Arville needs help to keep his crops growing now that his slaves have joined the uprising. He turns to Voodoo magic, not expecting for it to change his life forever.

Elizabetta d’Arville helps her husband create the man to help around the house. When tragedy strikes their son, her husband uses the same magic to bring him back.

Eleven years after Alain and Elizabetta are murdered, Mason Thurlow shows up to take over Haiti. Using his connections to voodoo and Satan, he begins to put his plans in place. If someone gets in his way, he uses his magic to destroy them where they stand. Will anyone be able to stop the evil being?

Child of the Living Dead began slowly for me. It was not until about midway through when the story picked up and I became more interested in reading the novel. Adrian Scott uses descriptive words to bring the reader into a visual world full of chaos, blood, rituals, and one man’s journey. As Mason continued with his plans, the conflicts and intrigue within the novel began to swell and definitely left me wanting to read further.

Caution: This tale contains many scenes full of blood and gore.

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